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Our Rooms

We have 11 rooms, with 20 beds that can sleep up to maximum of 28 people for full house bookings. You can find more information about full house bookings here

We have one ensuite room, which is on the ground floor. 

The shared bathroom is also on ground floor, about 40 seconds walk from the upstairs rooms (yes, I've timed it).

When booking a double or queen, you can let us know your preference for upstairs or downstairs, and we'll do what we can pending bookings already received - so get in quick! ;)

Queen Ensuite

Our one ensuite room has a queen bed, a shower/toilet ensuite which is accessible.

Located on the ground floor near the common areas. 

Room 5 Queen Ensuite No.14

Queen Share Bath

Larger rooms with queen beds and a bit more storage. 

One downstairs with private door to the shared verandah. Two upstairs, including room 11 in this picture. The video is of room 9. 

Queen Share Bath Upstairs Room 11

Twin Share Bath

On the ground floor, same level as shared bathroom & other shared areas. 

King single size beds (longer and wider than standard single). Perfect when you want to share a room but not your bed with your +1. 

Room 2 twin beds.jpg

Double Share Bath

Rooms with standard double size beds. 

Two downstairs on same level as shared bathroom. Two upstairs, both face East so you can enjoy the sunrise from your room. Pictured is Room 10 (upstairs). The video is Room 8 (upstairs).

20200625_162301 reduced size.jpg

5 Bed Dorm Share Bath

We have two 5 bed dorms, at the front of the house, on the same level as shared bathroom.

Two bunks and one standard single in each room. 

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