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Things You Need to Know

Full Booking Terms & Conditions

Below are the most common questions. When making a booking, remember to check our full terms & conditions. You'll seem them on the booking page. Full house private rentals get sent a separate rental agreement. 

Why book direct?

Online travel agents (OTA) are useful (we use them, too!) and we appreciate the business. However, don't misunderstand benefits of booking: 

  • The cancellation policy is NOT better with OTAs. You're better off direct - our cut off is 9am two days prior, and we'll do our best to help you. 

  • It's not all about price. You are speaking directly to us, usually Annette. Any OTA will follow their script and defer to us anyway. 

  • Direct booking discounts mean we guarantee the best price.

  • Even cheaper non-refundable rates are not available to online travel agents - because they would/could not match us. There are conditions to these rates, but if you're set on your dates, they are another option. Only available directly.

  • Sometimes, we have extra bonuses we can offer, we'll offer them to direct bookings first. 

  • You'll join our Insiders list, from which you may unsubscribe at any time, which gives even more special offers (weekly - sometimes up to 50% off!) and seasonal updates. 


Minimum Night Stays

During peak periods, and for advance Friday & Saturday night bookings, we have a minimum 2 night stay. We also have no checkouts on Saturdays in advance. You can check out on Friday or Sunday. Last minute, we may have single night or Saturday changeovers available. Our booking page will update automatically if this is the case..and our Insiders list is often given a heads up first.

How to Find Us from Katoomba Railway Station

We are on a residential street 550m (6-8min walk) from Katoomba station. We have made a video of the walk from the station to help you find us: Click here to see video or go to our website's contact page.


If you are driving, there is plenty of free street parking. We are on the raised side of the street, so there is no on site parking. 


If you need additional assistance, or would to share anything privately for us to be aware of, please feel free. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Unfortunately our 110 year old house, nor the street access, was not designed with accessibility in mind. We have a temporary ramp that can be installed to assist from the front path to the verandah. However, the front gate itself has not direct flat access as we are on the raised side of the footpath. There are stairs up from the street parking near 10 Lovel St, or a small ramp rather than gutter on the very corner of York St and Lovel St, outside 18 Lovel St. Inside the house, stairs lead to upstairs four bedrooms. The downstairs rooms are level entry with inward opening doors. Bathroom has small step into showers, or over a bath. Toilets are not wheelchair accessible. 

Peace & Quiet 

We are a relaxed and quiet place to stay. There are no TVs or radios etc. on purpose. Please don't play your stuff on speaker.  Our house is a traditional weatherboard and not soundproofed. Definitely not a party place - do not stay here if you want to stay up late. All guests being considerate of others is essential, especially during quiet hours 10pm - 7am. The verandah and deck are off limits after 10pm, unless you're silent. This is in respect of nearby rooms, and our neighbours.

For full house private bookings, you may bring your own music system. However, noise restrictions still strictly apply for the verandah / noise transfer outside after 10pm, in respect of our neighbours. 

Contactless Check In from 2pm - Free Bag Drop in the Morning

You do not need to see Reception to check in. We may not even be there. We'd love to say hello during your stay, but we also want to give you the flexibility to come and go when it suits you, not tied to reception desk hours. We have an easy contactless self check in system. You may check in from 2pm. Late arrival is no problem, although we'd prefer by 10pm for dorms, to be respectful of your room mates. We'll email you instructions & the code, and you'll get the code by SMS to your mobile for 2pm check in.

You may drop off your bags from 10am (11am Sundays) before check in.

Full house private rentals always have a 10am checkout. 

We need access to the house to get housekeeping done in time. 

Check Out - Bag Storage / Hang Out

By 10am (11am Sundays) - check out. Return your key and be out of your room. Check with Reception (or SMS our mobile if after hours) for bag storage. Depending on how busy we are, we may store at Reception or in the library cupboard. You can hang out in common areas until...

By 1pm* - Pick up your bags. Unfortunately, time to say goodbye and leave No.14, unless you...

Want to store bags or hang out longer? Subject to availability, we have a flat rate of $20 per person for up to 5pm. Consider booking another night, and have unlimited access ALL day.

*Why 1pm or $20 PER PERSON? Because we think free bag storage / being able to use all shared facilities from 10/11am before check in, and until 1pm after checkout is more than fair when you haven't booked another night.

No Children <16yrs - unless Full House Private Rental

Children and babies are welcome for private full house bookings only.

For hostel bookings, teenagers 16 years and over are OK for private room bookings only. Proof may be required. There'll be no refund if you choose to disregard this advice.

Bathroom & Laundry

We include towels for all guests (per booking not per day, please reuse).  Click here for a video of the bathroom and click here for a video of how far it is from the upstairs bedrooms.

We also have a washer/dryer for guests' use, at additional cost. To maximise use of solar electricity, during the day is best time to use them. Also, they are not to be used during our quiet hours of 10pm-7am so as not to disturb upstairs bedroom with vibrations.

For full house private bookings, laundry use is also included in your rental.


Breakfast & Kitchen

In respect of other guests, leave the kitchen tidy. Wash, dry and PUT AWAY whatever you use.


We do not include 'breakfast' in our rates, because people got confused. We do have a free simple choice of oats/muesli/cornflakes with milk (including soy), tea & instant coffee to get you started. 

Shared kitchen has gas stovetops, oven, microwave oven, rice cooker, pizza and baking trays, a small Bialetti type stovetop espresso, and a few small cafetieres, if you'd like to buy your own ground coffee. Salt, pepper, canola oil, plastic wrap and aluminium foil are also supplied. Click here for a video of the kitchen.

Supermarkets are about 10-15min walk (2min drive) from us.​


Heating & Cooling

There are fans in each room for the warmer nights. Central heating throughout...and of course our fireplace in the main living room for cooler nights. We do not have air conditioning. 

Click here for Blue Mountains weather throughout the year and click here for current weather forecast for Katoomba... and don't forget to check out our webcam, too!

Long Term & Work for Accommodation

We have a maximum booking for individuals of 7 nights. Full house private rentals do not have a limit. We don't do long term. This is not to say that we don't love return bookings, but separate bookings don't change this policy. If you're essentially living in the area, we suggest you try co-living or larger hostels. 

We don't do 'work for accommodation' swap arrangements. 

Privacy Policy

Click here to view our privacy policy. Please note that we reserve the right to ask for photo ID for any guest, at our discretion.

Peace & Quiet
Check In & Check Out
Bathroom & Laundry
Breakfast & Kitchen
Heating & Cooling
Privacy Policy
Long Term & Work for Accommodation
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