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Have you caught the Travel Bug?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life", said Michael Palin. The travel bug is the only bug I want right now! Like a lot of people across the globe, we're in lockdown due to Coronavirus. My business is travel, so this is not great.

Making Limoncello

When life gives you lemons...

Our business has shut down, which is heartbreaking and financially stressful. I can't control it, so I have accepted it. Better yet, who'd have thought we would all be given the time to do those things we 'never have time' to do? What a wonderful opportunity!

Ready for Take Off

I've been prepping for this blog for the last year or so..and probably at least the last 30 years seriously, when I really think about it! Now, I'm ready for take off.

As part of the forced shutdown, I've been going through all those boxes that everyone probably has stored away somewhere. I had an epiphany, I caught the travel bug really early. I think it started consciously with collecting stamps as a kid. I was fascinated by the pretty little artworks from far flung places, some from I-still-don't-know-where. My collection of choice is now fridge magnets (pictured are a few of them). I grew up with stories rather than memories of travel. I was about six months old and my Scottish grandmother wanted to go back to Scotland. We all set off for about 10 weeks for the trip of a lifetime. Many, many years later when I went to various places, Mum & Dad loved to remind me I'd be there...a running joke as, of course,I have no memories of my first time. I'll write about that another time. It was a great trip and so incredibly cool of my parents for that time.

I couldn't wait to get out of Australian suburbia and explore the world (years later I'd realise how good we have it). Eventually I ended up living in London for several years (and even met Michael Palin as it turns out) as a base to my travels. Like most people, I wondered how I could make a living travelling. My 'sensible' side didn't take me there, so I worked to earn more money and travelled for fun. Serendipitously, I'm now an Innkeeper. I run 14 Lovel St, the unique hostel in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia.

One of the things I enjoy most about being an innkeeper is meeting people from across the globe and talking about travel. Guests discussing their day, their travel plans and experiences, maybe joining up for an adventure the next day. Around the table each night is the heart of hostel life in my mind. My personal travels weren't of the traditional 'backpacker' hostel style, as you'll see from future stories (if you'd like to keep reading), but I would have stayed at No14. A love of travel and a mindset is what binds us.

I accidentally found my dream job. I love it. Every. Single. Day.

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